What will you do if…

Although we recently updated the front page of this website to give folks a better idea of how the Oregon Cannabis Law Group adds value to our clients’ medical cannabis businesses, it’s certainly a topic worth exploring more in depth here.

Medical cannabis is a highly-regulated industry, similar to the pharmaceutical, liquor, and health insurance industries. In Oregon alone there are many new and/or untested laws and regulations, with little (if any) judicial precedent to guide courts’ interpretation. We do not doubt that folks who are diving into the industry are savvy enough to read the law and regulations for themselves – in fact, the new dispensary rules are a virtual checklist for exactly how dispensaries must be set up. Given the high stakes involved with compliance, however, even sophisticated businesspeople can benefit from hiring our licensed professionals to be another set of eyes to verify their dispensaries, inventory control, employment policies and legally-required employee manuals, and other policies and procedures are set up in strict compliance with the law.

But compliance is just the beginning. As a grower, dispensary owner, or other medical cannabis participant, you should ask yourself now who you will call if…

…the OHA denies or revokes your business license?
…the local government tries to drive you out of town or make doing business difficult?
…you feel the OHA is unfairly targeting your grow site or dispensary?
…your PRF is being dishonest or not doing their job?
…a competitor is operating dishonestly or unlawfully, hurting patients and costing you customers?
…a grower has taken your money and stuck you with defective product?
…a vendor is playing hardball?
…you are unjustly accused of a rules violation, such as refusing to submit to inspection, or submitting false information to the OHA?
…your landlord wants to drastically raise your rent, knowing the value of your location?
…your property, liability, or crop insurance company refuses to pay your claim?
…the OHA surprises you with an inspection and accuses you of non-existent violations?
…a competitor is ripping off your branding or other intellectual property?
…a neighboring business accuses your dispensary of creating a nuisance?

And who should you turn to when…

…you need to close the deal with angel investors?
…you have seemingly uncollectible receivables?
…the IRS accuses you of tax violations?
…you need to negotiate financing to help expand your business?
…you want to cash out of your business and secure your retirement?

When these legal emergencies occur, you need to engage the services of a competent attorney who has spent their career representing businesspeople just like you. We can help guide you through high stakes, “bet the company” complex commercial litigation and administrative proceedings. If you have built a relationship with a criminal attorney already, we are happy to work closely with them to give you peace of mind, and have cordial relations with some of the established marijuana attorneys in Oregon.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Business Entity Formation
Operating Agreements and Business Organization
Dispensary Registration and “On the Ground” Compliance
“Putting your best face forward” in Communications with Administrative Agencies
Employee Manual Review and Drafting
Protecting Your Assets in Long- and Short-Term Business Arrangements
Equipment Purchases and Sales
Security Agreements
Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Administrative Proceedings
Cashing Out of Your Business

The medical cannabis industry may be exciting and potentially lucrative, but many people see signs of a “dotcom”-like bubble. For your business to weather the storm, we suggest you obtain the competent business counsel of the Oregon Cannabis Law Group now to help make sure your business is set up for long-term growth and prosperity.