OLCC Recreational Marijuana Licensing

The Oregon Cannabis Law Group has provided assistance with applying for, obtaining, and maintaining OLCC recreational marijuana licensing since the beginning of the OLCC licensing program.

Obtaining a license begins with deciding which license to get. There are four types of OLCC licenses for which cannabis businesses typically apply:

1) recreational producer (growing and cultivating cannabis, allowed to sell finished flower to processors and retailers);

2) recreational processor (creates concentrates, extracts, edibles, or topicals);

3) recreational wholesaler (buys and sells cannabis products from and to other licensees); and

4) recreational retailer (buys from producer, processor, or wholesaler, and is the only licensee that can sell to a consumer).

Once you decide which license type(s) you want, you must select a piece of property that is properly zoned for that license type in your jurisdiction. For example, if you want to grow cannabis, property zoned Exclusive Farm Use (“EFU”) will often qualify for a recreational production license, and sometimes can also qualify for a recreational processing license, if at least 25% of the input to the processing facility comes from the same land. Because selecting and vetting a piece of land for a recreational marijuana business can be technical and complicated, we strongly recommend that you obtain a legal opinion regarding feasibility prior to purchase or lease. The Oregon Cannabis Law Group’s lawyers can help you select and vet an appropriate piece of property for your recreational cannabis business. A list of cities and counties which completely prohibit recreational marijuana businesses is here.

After you select a piece of property, you must apply to the local jurisdiction for a Land Use Compatibility Statement. Depending on the jurisdiction, this application can be as simple as filling out a single form, or can involve a much more complicated application and intensive site plan review. Our lawyers have substantial experience assisting in the LUCS application process throughout Oregon.

Applying for an OLCC license is relatively straightforward, and just requires submitting complete and truthful information to the OLCC in the manner and format prescribed in the application process. We work closely with our clients to enable them to satisfy the letter and intent of the OLCC’s information gathering process, and have substantial experience working with OLCC inspectors during license application review and final inspection. Our lawyers will also help you understand all of the current laws regarding the interplay between the medical marijuana program and the OLCC system, and the one-time inventory transfer allowed at the inception of the license.