OLCC Enforcement

What will you do when the OLCC comes for you?

The OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the agency in charge of licensing recreational marijuana businesses) could target your business for many reasons. For example, the OLCC could suspect the business has one or more owners who haven’t been disclosed, or that you have not updated your CTS system in conformity with the OLCC rules, or that you otherwise are not complying with the letter of the OLCC rules and regulations. Although an OLCC investigation or enforcement action can be a scary and stressful event for any business, handling it properly from the very beginning is key to a successful conclusion.

The OLCC has many methods of investigating your business in order to confirm or disprove their suspicions. The OLCC may send inspectors to your business location to ascertain whether, for example, the actual operation of the business is in conformity with the operating plan submitted to the OLCC as part of the business’s application. These investigations may – and indeed most likely will – involve undercover investigators.

Once you become aware that the OLCC is investigating your business, you have certain responsibilities toward your business depending on your role in the business and the facts and allegations involved in the investigation. Proper and knowledgeable legal guidance is essential from the beginning. The lawyers at the Oregon Cannabis Law Group routinely interact with OLCC inspectors and investigators, and will advocate knowledgeably and effectively for you throughout the investigation and/or enforcement action. We will fight for your rights and protect your business to the best of our ability.

So what do you do when the OLCC comes for you? Number One: Call your lawyer. Kevin Jacoby of the Oregon Cannabis Law Group has litigated and won against the State of Oregon in administrative matters before the Oregon Supreme Court. If you are facing an OLCC enforcement action, don’t delay, click here to send Mr. Jacoby a priority contact request, or call him directly at (503) 317-2314.