Business Formation

A successful cannabis business in Oregon needs a solid set of clear, concise corporate documents and agreements governing all aspects of the business’s corporate existence, including corporate governance, limits on managerial discretion, relationships between stakeholders, and the circumstances under which a partner can sell his or her interest, among other things. Documenting the ownership of and the investment in your business clearly and truthfully is vital to obtaining and maintaining your OLCC recreational marijuana business license.

The Oregon Cannabis Law Group has been helping marijuana businesses form and grow throughout the industry’s most important and formative years, and our lawyers have substantial business formation experience in non-cannabis businesses prior to the OCLG’s creation. Our lawyers thoroughly discuss all pertinent issues in business formation with our clients or client group and craft corporate documents tailored for nearly any business structure.

As a licensee, someday the OLCC may request copies of your business’s corporate documents if they are relevant to a licensing or discipline investigation. When you comply with that request, you should be sure you can submit your docs with confidence. Whether you are a brand new start up, or an operating business with marginal or partially completed corporate documents, our firm can help.